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• Boxx Technologies

• PNY Technologies

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• Discreet


• The Gnomon Workshop

• Ballistic Publishing

• Luxology

• Pixologic

• Corel

• Ballistic Publishing

• Turbo Squid

• Digital Tutors

CGNetworks is proud to present the Grand Space Opera Challenge (CG Challenge XVI), 18 October 2004 - 17 January 2005. The Grand Space Opera Challenge was sponsored by Boxx Technologies, PNY Technologies, Softimage, Discreet, ART VPS, The Gnomon Workshop, Ballistic Publishing, Turbo Squid, Luxology, Pixologic, Corel and Digital Tutors.
For this challenge, contestants were tasked to create an image depicting an iconic image that captures a pivotal moment in a vast galactic spanning civilisation. This sixteenth challenge run by CGNetworks had over 250 entrants finish (the largest number to date!).

The wait is over, the time has finally come to announce who will walk away with those incredible prizes! CGNetworks proudly congratulates all winners of the Grand Space Opera Challenge!

Winning Results - 3D
Grand Prize Winner   Runners-Up
Alexander Preuss

3D Grand Prize Winner
3D Boxx Workstation + NVIDIA Quadro FX3400 + Softimage|XSI Foundation

hodong la (hodong la)

First Runner-Up
Discreet 3ds max 7 + TurboSquid Toolkit
Fred Bastide

Second Runner-Up
ART VPS PURE P1800 Rendering Card
Monsit Jangariyawong (monsitj)

Third Runner-Up
Softimage|XSI v4.0 Essentials + Softimage Production DVDs
Gerardo Damian Barbero

4th Runner-Up
Luxology Modo
Kory Heinzen

5th Runner-Up
Digital-Tutors Genius Bundle + T-Shirt + Backpack + Gift Voucher
Stephane C.

6th Runner-Up
Pixologic ZBrush 2
Winning Results - 2D
Grand Prize Winner   Runners-Up

Daryl Mandrake

2D Grand Prize Winner
3d Boxx Workstation + Quadro FX1300 + Corel Painter IX

Patrick Jensen

First Runner-Up
The Gnomon Workshop Analog DVD Pack

Second Runner-Up
Discreet Combustion 3
Pawel Lewandowski

Third Runner-Up
Digital-Tutors Genius Bundle + T-Shirt + Backpack + Gift Voucher
Eric Browning

4th Runner-Up
Pixologic ZBrush 2
Tolgahan Gungor

5th Runner-Up
Corel Painter IX
Honourable Mentions
2D - Maciej Kuciara
( tiger1313 )

2D - krzysiek kamrowski
( kengi )

2D - Richard Dumont
( Kraull )
2D - Jaime Jones
( Cicinimo )

2D - Thomas Wendtner
( Tommy Lee )

2D - Marco Siegel
( xeNusion )
2D - Jason Chan
( Evil Gerbil )

2D - Pierre Droal
( Arctis )

2D - Jesse Speak
( Speaky )
3D - James Kaufeldt
( JamesMK )

3D - Andrzej Sykut
( azazel )

3D - Dimitris Liatsos
( DimitrisLiatsos )
3D - jan harcarik
( turbinea )

3D - adel adili (Leda)
( adel3d )

3D - Moritz FΓΌllgrabe
( MogodtBackAgain )
3D - Laurent Antoine Lemog
( Lemog )

3D - Mathieu Didier
( Jaba153 )

  Community Awards
Panu Uomala (Squibbit)
Fahrija Velic (Fahrija)
Artur Malczyk (Arturro)
Michael Madic (Virtuoso)
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