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We're looking for a Houdini Pipeline TD for a short-term role developing tools and workflows to allow FX artists to efficiently move assets from upstream departments into Houdini, and integrate the resulting simulations into final shots. The Houdini Pipeline TD will be required to work with FX and Scene Assembly artists to design and implement tools to effectively move assets between 3DS Max and Houdini, improve the efficiency of our FX workflow, and ensure accurate output in ways that mesh well with current tools and workflows, and leverage the studio's existing database and APIs when necessary.


Experience in 3DS Max and Houdini is re quired as well as experience building tools and OTLs/HDAs for Houdini.

Must have knowledge of Alembic and VDB read/write implementations in Max and Houdini, Python, PyQt, HScript, VEX and be comfortable working in a Windows environment.

Experience with Vray, MaxScript and with writing database savvy tools is a plus.
Minimum of 3 years experience required.

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