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Treyarch is looking for a world class, industry leading professional to be the Lead Cinematic Animator for our future projects. In this role, you will guide the cinematic team to create the highest quality animations for both pre-rendered and real time cinematics while pushing the boundaries of game play, storytelling, and technology. The ideal candidate is passionate about helping us create the best animations possible and should have a strong understanding of the animation principles, cinematic principles (such as storyboarding, camera direction, editing, lens usage, ect.), Motion Builder and motion-capture editing techniques. You must also be able to understand and balance the departmental quality goals along with team management and asset creation. This position will push for the best cinematic quality possible while providing great storytelling and optimal animation fidelity within the game at the same time you will be challenging yourself, your team, and our studio to do anything we can to make the best experience for our fans.

A successful Lead Cinematic Animator will be the bridge between Art and Animation by working with other departments to identify potential issues and to deploy correct solutions. You will interface with Production to track progress, ensure tasks are assigned appropriately and meet milestones deliverables.


The skills/experience you’ll need:

• Constructive and inspirational management skills
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to communicate effectively while being respectful
• Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
• Great understanding of storytelling, acting, body movement, facial expressions and visual language
• Strong understanding of both figure and facial anatomy
• Experience with setting up production pipelines while being able to follow guidelines
• Expert Experience with Motion Capture directing
• knowledge of animation implementation and debugging techniques
• Expert knowledge of Motion Builder 2012+
• 8 + years of experience in game industry
• At least 1 shipped title as a Lead Animator
What you’ll be doing:
• Promote and execute a positive and passionate team culture to make the best animations of our careers.
• Manage and motivate internal cinematic animation team.
• Champion the cinematic vision and communicate notes and feedback to the cinematic team on a regular basis.
• Produce high quality full performance cinematic animations.
• Provide frequent feedback to maintain quality control throughout all phases of production.
• Collaborate with animators, designers, artists and software engineers to identify and address areas of need or concern.
• Work with Animation Directors to champion the cinematic vision and establish goals, milestones, and schedules.
• Work closely with the character team to provide creative and technical feedback to ensure the characters deform well.
• Develop production schedule and delegate tasks to the Cinematics team.
• Collaborate closely with other departments to ensure the best possible fusion of storytelling, gameplay and visual language.
• Contribute to the development of new techniques and processes to solve animation production challenges.
• Challenge, mentor, and grow the skillsets of our teams with the goal of being the best in the industry.
• Committing yourself and your team to make the best Animation possible, while respecting your team and their work/life balance.
• Develop and maintain production schedules.

Developing games since 1996, Treyarch is home to some of the industry's best and brightest talent.

Prior to entering development for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3, the studio’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 set world-wide launch day records, with its previous game Call of Duty®: Black Ops having also set an entertainment launch opening record (2010). Black Ops 2 continues to be one of the best-selling games of all time.

Treyarch is also the birthplace of Call of Duty's Zombies.

We employ the world’s greatest engineering, design and creative talent and give them the cutting-edge technology, tools and resources that they need to thrive creatively, both on their own and as teams.

It is our life’s passion to create epic gameplay experiences that are enjoyed by as many video game fans as possible. We are driven by a deep sense of pride, constantly striving to do the best work of our careers, so fans can have the most fun of their lives.

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How to apply

Apply online at: https://activision.referrals.selectminds.com/treyarch/jobs/lead-cinematic-animator-treyarch-1295

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