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    24 June 2008, by Paul Hellard

    Luciano takes some time out of a heavy schedule to talk about his work.  Like many Brazilian artists, Luc is emotive and passionate about the job he does. He holds tightly onto the common opinion that life is too short to work in a job you don’t love.
    We showcase Luciano Neves as the Ballistic/Autodesk co-produced book, 'ELEMENTAL 3' becomes available for Pre-Order. 

    “The inspiration always comes from the love I feel for my work,” qualifies Luciano Neves. “I like to practice new techniques and always be studying to keep my skills updated." In the last year, Luciano had been thinking of creating more London landmarks, something with a bit of history. He had been toying with the idea of, in his spare time making a ‘Big Ben’, the famous clock tower sitting among the old government buildings in the heart of the city. He lay a collection of reference material out on a table.

    Included were photographs of the real Tower Bridge sitting over the river, the 3D model of which Luciano made and had accepted as the cover for Ballistic Publishing’s 'ELEMENTAL 2'. But there also were several of ‘Big Ben’. It was time. He had to create one of his own. “This made me look at ‘Big Ben’ like a whole new challenge, so I started working on it almost immediately,” he says.

    Luciano Neves' showreel

    Born in Sao Paulo in Brazil, Luciano is a Director of 3D at Tribbo Post, a Brazilian company doing many TVCs and shorts. While Big Ben and London's Tower Bridge are the most recognizable, the Basilique du Sacré Coeur and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris are also some other models recreated by Luciano in Autodesk’s 3ds Max. He is a Master Award winner in ELEMENTAL 1 and ELEMENTAL 2 and Excellence Award winner in EXPOSÉ 3 as well. Neves has proven to be a perfectionist, creating highly-detailed, CG architectural recreations and environments.

    During a fourteen year career he has worked in many disciplines and companies spanning through Europe. He was hired in 2001 by the Swiss company, Nüssli AG, and specialized in large temporary constructions like stages, grandstands, and scaffolding. He was responsible for the development of many technical catalogs and for the 3D development presentations for special events.

    Getting back to Brazil in 2003, a local company Inutilia Truncat (IT) invited him to become part of their team as Production Manager for 3D Special Effects. Two years later, he moved to Pixpost, and built a whole new 3D department known as Pixpost Animation Studio, which after many success was then represented in USA by HEROIC.  

    The Cathedral of Notre Dame from Paris

    Credit: Luciano Neves / Rafael Grassetti / Carlos Florencio

    Credit: Tribbo
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    Luciano works hard on the process of creating a building’s image in CG that will be accepted as real, and identifies the stages where he knows the balance can be tipped. “It will always be hard to try to represent photo-realism, there will always be a stage where it may be called into question,” he says. “The stages of illumination, shading, render and composition will always be hard work because it’s based on recreating detailed features your audience will already know. The famous landmarks will always represent a hard task, because they are things that people are watching in TV, film and in photos. They will be accustomed to the real proportions and colors and environments. My focus is always to force photo-realism in complex scenes and not just architectural works. I love architectural reconstruction and creating big CG structures and old buildings because this always brings to me many challenges.”
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    Luciano Neves is also a prodigious photographer, loving the challenge to capture that perfectly natural image. “It’s not enough to have a cool camera or to be in the right position,” he says. “The ability to create a space where the right lighting, at the correct angle, intensity and color, will then bring you some way further on the road to capture a good image.”
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    Neves works with 3ds Max as his modeler and to render, he uses a basic scanline method. “I use scanline to make my renders because I can have the same results faster,” he says. “Here in Brazil we almost never have the time to use other renderers that spend more time per frame. All will be changing with the full HD format. We know in this format many CG details cannot be ignored and everything you do in this format requires a lot of attention, especially with photo-realism.”
    Tribo reel

    Currently Luciano is working on a new personal project called DESTINY. “This is a new challenge, created to involve all the artists we have inside the company.” The objective of this project is to make a very good portfolio for this specific area, film or cinematic, to stretch the ability of the crew like Blur’s short films do in L.A. "I’ve made some personal projects and received awards for some too, now I want involve whole team and show how one big and professional team can make a strong CG portfolio."

    Last year, the Pixpost crew was presented with a challenge to make a 1:45 short film in 45 days. Completely CG, in HD.  Luciano was 3D Director on this project, 'CINEMARK' with a team of seven modelers, three compositors and one concept artist. “In this project I had a responsibility to make a visual identity; to drive the animations, make plans and schedule the team so they knew what they needed do day by day. I had to find time too to make some pre-compositions and all renders, lighting and shadings. The tip I learned out of this project was to be nice. Get to know your team. Know each detail of the artist that works with you. This brings out the creative in them, and allows them to reach their full potential.” The result is a short film called 'CINEMARK' now being shown in 358 cinemas throughout Brazil.

    The CINEMARK short

    Tribbo Post crew

    Luciano Neves

    Pixpost Animation Studio

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    The accolades Luciano Neves received over the past few years have left their mark only in his determination to create better images. “The Master Awards in Ballistic’s Elemental books were a big gift and made me so happy. This gave me many opportunities and even now I receive contacts because of these awards. It has ‘opened many doors’ for me and my team and the companies I work for, so this provides business for everyone.”  Luciano Neves has also been nominated this year, for the second time, by Autodesk for an Autodesk 3ds Max Master Award.

    Luciano Neves

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