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    Olympic Runner

    Bobby Chiu, 26 November 2004

    CG Choice Award winner, Bobby Chiu describes the process he uses to create his expressive and impressionistic depictions of the human form.

    The Original Idea
    One day during my lunch, I was flipping through a photo book of the Olympics. As I flipped through the pictures I became fascinated by the energy and force filling conveyed in the photos of the athletes. I wanted to harness that energy and manipulate it with different kinds of forces. As I was drawing a picture of Marie-Jose Perec, the French Olympic runner, I started exploring these thoughts.

    I start by drawing the lines of action that I most want to concentrate on. (fig.1) From there, I start to draw the runner based on the lines of action. As I draw, I really concentrate on giving it the feeling of liquid flesh being blown back by the speed and force of the runner. (fig. 2)

    Who is Bobby Chiu?

    Award winning illustrator Bobby Chiu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1978. He was raised in Toronto, Canada from age 2 and has had a fixation with art ever since he could remember. He began his art career at Thinkway Toys in the art department at the age of 17 where he designed Disney and Star Wars toys. He then trained in general visual art, 2D animation, and 3D animation. Chiu currently works as a freelance illustrator selling prints and original art.

  • Eerie Feeling, © Bobby Chiu


    My drawing in hand, I scan it in and open it up in Sketchbook Pro 1.1. On a new layer I start painting over my drawing by blocking in the figure while making minor adjustments to the drawing. (fig. 3)

    The dark tones are added next. A slightly lighter and redder tone is the first coat I put on to give a sense of flesh in darkness. (fig. 4) The second pass is lighter but still quite a dark tone. (fig. 5)

  • Olympic Runner - Bobby Chiu continued...

    Now I start applying light tones. The colors are still quite brownish reds because I'm planning on going over top with more yellows afterwards to balance out the fleshy color. (fig. 6)

    Next I block in her clothes and shoes. (fig, 7) To choose the tones and colors when I block in, I try to imagine what the thing would look like in the dark.

    A second pass of lighter tones is applied. This one is paler than the previous color pass. Details and lighter tones of clothes and shoes are applied as well. (fig. 8)

    Bright pale yellows are applied next as highlights and for some rim light. (fig. 9)

    I add bits of liquid flesh. (fig. 10) And finally the last step is to smooth out transitions between tones and make the finishing touches.

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    Words and images by Bobby Chiu

    download high resolution image 1280 x 800

    Knockout, © Bobby Chiu

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