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Golan the Insatiable

Animation work on the season two of the new FOX show "Golan the Insatiable"

Creature Box SpeedSculpt

by David Chung

Space Channel Refresh

Henry's Premiere

Oculus Story Studio video released on the day of Henry's Premiere.

CGPortfolio Redesign

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NSFW: Sun of a Beach

Witty animation about the joy and dangers of a day at the beach

Hunter S. Thompson on Outlaws

“I keep my mouth shut now. I’ve turned into a professional coward.”

Arrow Cast Talks Season 4

+ New DC Bombshells

Batman v Superman: Dawn of...

Trailer Breakdown

DaVinci Resolve 12 Public Beta

Available Now for Download

Hot Toys

How Hot Toys Are Made

Movies Behind the Scenes

Glen Keane

AWN's Professional Spotlight

Following Kubrick

http://www.cutprintfilm.com/ presents: A montage of tracking shots from Stanley...

FLASH VFX Breakdown

Take a look behind the Encore VFX of the hit TV series Flash.


Director Chris Columbus talks to WIRED about the fun of 8-bit arcade games and...

Carol has never been kissed

One kiss from her true love and legs she would sprout...but true love was hard...

We Are Royale

Design / Production Company's Manifesto

Sony Pictures Animation's...

See how David Feiss' animation journey came full circle on the Open Season...

Production reel

A behind-the-scenes look at the CG production process of Puppetworks Animation...

Weekly Top 10

CGSociety takes a look back at our top 10 news posts over the last week

CGWorkshops Starting Next Week

RealFlow 2015 Tech Reel

Showcasing the RealFlow 2015 new features and improvements.

Listening to Disney Playlist

Do you do this when you're animating?


Patrick Giusiano's animation workflow used on RIO 2

Dog and Butterfly

Animation by Wayne Unten

Natures Path

Directed by Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet

Doing This To Me

"Finally uploading a version of this shot I worked on in the Summer of 2014" -...

Out of breath

A paperboy tries to save his father who suffers from lung cancer by trying to...

Concept Design Reel 2015

by Mike Luard

Save Me Now

Music Video


First and Final Frames

What can we learn by examining only the first and final shot of a film?

The Defenders

WIP of a personal project (The Defenders) Cinematic


"Mundos" VFX breakdown

Environment Scenes Breakdown

Opening XXII Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 Ceremony

Atari ASTEROIDS Outpost

Game Trailer

Color Correction


Age reduction VFX

Age-reduction Vfx TEST made in NUKE.


was almost a VERY different movie from the one you remember today.


Animation for The School of Life based on a short piece of writing by Alain de...

One & Two

Imprisoned by their own father on their family's property, two siblings with...

Understanding Iwata's Legacy

The Grand Tournament Trailer

Star Wars VR Trailer

The Muppets

You were never supposed to see this. Here’s the pitch that convinced ABC to...


"A strikingly realistic world composed solely of simple geometric shapes"


In this brand new trailer Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the...

Outstanding Main Title Design

2015 Emmy Nominations for Main Title Design

My Keynote Address

by Mike Brookes

VFX Reel

of Nicola Danese


The Good Dinosaur

Official US Trailer

Warcraft Director Duncan Jones

io9's interview with Duncan Jones reveals some secrets about the upcoming...

RenderMan for 3dsmax

Implementing RenderMan to 3dsmax

2D to 3D Concept Art

Luca Nemolato introducing his exciting new CGWorkshop


Pandora’s Box has nothing on the hell that an unsuspecting gent unleashes in...

Thinkbox Software Opens...


Concept Trailer


A man with a typewriter-head tries to get rid of his out-of-control thoughts.

How to Draw A Smurf

Learn Sony Pictures Animation character designer Patrick Mate's technique for...

Weekly Top 10

CGSociety takes a look back at our top 10 news posts over the last week

ComicCon 2015 Panel Highlights

A quick look at 20th Century FOX's upcoming movies

Aperture VR Demo

*** Warning: This Video Contains Spoilers ***

GAme of Thrones

Sword Experience

Attack on Titan

Live Action Trailer


Ultraman X



What if the world of Mad Max: Fury Road was part of the Star Wars universe?

The Walking Dead

'Best of' VFX Reel by Stargate Studios

Mission Pluto

VFX Reel

Groundwater and the Drought

How the West Is Miscounting Water Supplies

Terminator Genisys

Creating a Fully Digital Schwarzenegger

Total War: Warhammer

Take a look at this cinematic trailer, rendered in-engine, that introduces Karl...

Chuck Jones

The Evolution of an Artist

Worst Movie Special Effects


A Tale of Momentum & Inertia

Special CG short from HouseSpecial

Dragons Reborn

Bringing Game of Thrones' dragons to life


Directed and produced by Joan Guasch

DigitalFilm Tree Uses DaVinci...

Making a Star Wars Rancor

Costume for Comic-Con

14 Movie Special Effects

You Won't Believe Weren't CGI

Podcast: Weta VFX technical...

Awesome podcast about the VFX behind the Vampire mockumentary "What We Do In...

The Flaming C Returns

Conan's Bruce Timm-created superhero is back, just in time for Comic-Con.


Since at least the 1960s, TV studios have experimented with crossovers between...

Cloudy With A Chance Of...

Sony Pictures Animation Share Early Development Scenes

CHAPPiE Showreel

Highlights of Image Engine's vfx work for Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi feature.

RealFlow Simulation in...

Hybrido scene in RealFlow from the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie during the...

Fantastic Four

Latest Official Trailer

The LEGO® Story

3D animation about the story behind LEGO

Weekly Top 10

CGSociety takes a look back at our top 10 news posts over the last week

Thinkbox Software Releases...

For Google Cloud Platform

Hayao Miyazaki

Nature, Culture, & Character

Graphic Design

Before there was Photoshop


360 video inspired by the Warcraft movie and developed by Industrial Light &...

Adventure Time

'Bad Jubies' Official Clip - Finn and Lumpy Space Princess get a stop-motion...

How to hook Fox

Into producing your film

Suicide Squad

Comic-Con First Look

3D printed anatomy

Reference in motion

Inside Abbey road

Google's interactive tour of Abbey Road Studios